I grew up in a large family on the northern suburbs of Sydney. My childhood was always full of outdoor activities. In the summer, every weekend was spent at Balmoral Beach, followed by an ice cream at Manly. The winter was full of sporting competitions for the whole family.

I have had a passion for horse’s since a very young age and later competed for many years in the equestrian discipline of dressage. For the last ten years, I have taken up boxing and mixed martial arts to enhance my fitness.

My entire professional life has been in the health care sector. I am a women’s health practitioner and educator. In 2015, I travelled to California and studied Health Literacy, certified by the California University School of Medicine. I was also nominated for an award at the prestigious California Institute of Healthcare Advancement for my Health Literacy Program.  I am a fully qualified NLP Master Practitioner, International Certified Life Coach and an International Certified NLP Trainer.

I have over 20 years experience in preventative health based on the principles of holistic health care. I specialize in stress management and personal development. My main passion is how one’s behavior and actions can influence the quality of your life. Living a healthy lifestyle is so much more than just addressing the physical aspects of healthcare. It is also about your mental and emotional health which I believe, must be nurtured just as much as your physical health. I have applied all of my skills and techniques in overcoming my own life battles, so I can honestly relate to what other people may be going through. My coaching service is all about boosting your motivation, self esteem, self confidence and ofcourse inspiring you to live the best possible life that you can.

I am a member of the Harvard Women’s Health Watch which enables me to remain up to date with the current research so I can offer real information of value in the field of physical, mental and emotional health. I am also known as a perfectionist as I go above and beyond my commitment to each and every one of my clients to offer  the best support and encouragement possible.

I have worked with women from all walks of like. From women in prison to highly successful women in business. However, we are all equal and we all share a common thread and that is:-  we want to be healthy and happy.

Life is so precious and we deserve to live a long and healthy life.
Motivation 2 Conquer is all about lifestyle. It is about setting a goal that is going to improve your life in some way. It comes from my own personal belief that in order to conquer something, you must not only become motivated, but you also have to fight to stay motivated.

My little motivational book “My Secret is Your Secret” helps you to do just that. It offers a quick and easy five step process based on the power of visualization and positive self-talk. I chose the fist as the visual image for the front cover as a fist represents strength and commitment. Power to YOU. I then took it one step further and created  the activewear.  Research has shown that clothes do have the power to influence your mood and your behaviour. I certainly know it works for me. When I wear my activewear, I instantly feel a boost in motivation and I can feel my energy levels rise. I believe it can really help you too.

My entire business is about helping others to conquer and thrive and I have relentless passion to reach out and inspire as many women as possible.
I strive at all times to offer a service and a product of excellence and it is a privilege to be able to share in other women’s dreams and goals. I seek to grow and grow this business and join us all together living an m2c lifestyle. Why??? Because YOU deserve it.